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3 tours you cannot miss

Around Pozalagua Cave

1. Amphitheatre

The former dolomite quarry located right opposite the cave is an amphitheatre today. The stage has perfect scale and acoustics, and frequently hosts concerts, operas and plays.


The limestone was cut using a technique called diamond thread, with an excellent result. Not for nothing the walls of the amphitheatre appear to be marble pilasters, instead of dolomite.


The specialists say the amphitheatre stands out as one of the best examples of dolomitization in the Iberian Peninsula. We are not specialists but can assure you something: the place is amazing. 

2. Armañón Nature Park´s Interpretation Centre

Right in front of the cave you will find the Armañón Nature Park’s Interpretation Centre, also known as the Park House (Parketxea, in Basque language).


The Park House is located in the former facilities of Dolomitas del Norte Mining Company – at the mineral crushing building, to be precise.


A number of panels will unveil all the secrets Armañón has to hide. And you will be able to fly over the valley of Karrantza just my moving your arms!


Oh, do not miss the viewpoint! The surrounding views are impressive.






Only in cash 

· Children from 6 to 12

· Retired workers and pensioners

· People with disabilities




If you show the ticket to the Dolomites Museum at the cave, you’ll get a €4 discount.


If you show the ticket to the cave at the Dolomites Museum, you’ll get a  €2 discount.


The tour is suitable for all ages and fitness level

3. Dolomites Old Factory Museum 

The mineral extracted at the quarry next to Pozalagua Cave was airlifted to this factory.


The factory has been listed as a protected site by the Basque Government due to the huge pulleys that move the aerial tram, which cannot be seen anywhere else in the Basque Country.


The dolomite was used, among other things, to make fire bricks, which were key to the Basque Country’s industrialization, as they were employed to cover the structure of the blast furnaces.


Dolomite bricks were extraordinarily resistant and, properly treated, could withstand the huge temperatures of such furnaces.


school groups

We have teaching material for school groups.

location and opening times

Ambasaguas, s/n
(Near the tourist office)
48891 KARRANTZA (Bizkaia)

Tel.: 946 806 928 / 696 446 301

Saturday: 11.00 am to 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Sunday: 11.00 am 2.00 pm

Check other days

Other interesting places

BBK Karpin Fauna.jpg
Karpin Abentura 

Karpin Abentura is a shelter for exotic and wild animals rescued from neglect or illegal trafficking, and that cannot be returned to their natural habitat.


The shelter enjoys an exceptional setting covered with a variety of flora from every continent.

Karrantza Valley

Karrantza is one of the most beautiful and lesser-known areas in the Basque Country. Nature in the valley is diverse and reigns almost unspoiled, altered only by farming and agriculture.


The municipality is made up of hundreds of scattered country houses gathered in distinctive neighbourhoods covered with woods and pastureland, and surrounded by mountains.

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