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On this website you can only buy the ticket to visit the Pozalagua Cave and/or Dolomites Museum.
To buy the BBK Karpin Fauna ticket you must go to the website:

Venture inside

An underground cathedral full of stalactites, stalagmites and the bizarre eccentric stalactites.

Plan your visit

Choose the tour that suits you best and check our opening times and prices.

Explore the surroundings   

The surroundings of Pozalagua are packed with surprising corners you cannot miss.


Pozalagua Flashback

Experience the thrill felt by the discoverers of the cave when they ventured inside for the first time.

Dazzling. Unique. Vivid.

Gaze in wonder at a unique spectacle: the greatest concentration of eccentric stalactites in the world, which seem to defy gravity intertwining in every direction with surprising shapes.

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